We focus on people who choose to work with Lydiate Learning Trust, who have a positive attitude and who put young people first. We know that this is a tried and tested recipe that works in our Academies and for our students.

As a Trust we recognise that it is the talent, ability and drive of our staff that makes a difference to individual students and whole school performance. You can all recall a Teacher, Teaching Assistant or similar from your own school life who went that extra mile for you. It is that kind of person we look to recruit. In return, Lydiate Learning Trust provides extensive professional development opportunities to all staff and encourages an on-going open dialogue about training needs.

There is no better way than to explain what we mean than for some of our staff to explain their development routes.

Mike Cloherty, Deputy Headteacher, Studio@Deyes

Mike Cloherty

When Childwall Sports and Science Academy became part of the Lydiate Learning Trust, I was in the role of Vice Principal with responsibility for Teaching and Learning. I found that the Trust was supportive of the work I was doing to improve the school and helped to develop my ability to have a real impact. Having been given the opportunity to work with Trust leaders early in the partnership, they saw the potential in me and requested I take on the role of Deputy Head Teacher of a Studio School that the Trust opened in September 2016 called Studio@Deyes. This was an exciting and ambitious role that has allowed me to develop my knowledge and experience in all aspects of school leadership.

My role was expanded in September 2015 to cover senior leadership across all schools. The experience of developing my career in a diverse range of schools has been invaluable in ensuring I can confidently add value in any school setting.

LLT has given me the confidence and learning to make significant strides towards my ambition of leading my own school. I thrived in an organisation that puts students at the heart of all that it does and went on to secure a Senior Deputy post in a large Wirral school.

Catherine Perkins, Head of Chemistry, Deyes High School

Catherine Perkins

I have been involved with Lydiate Learning Trust for almost three years. I started at Deyes High School in November 2013 and was brought in to administer A-Level intervention, which involved targeted learning with groups of 2-5 students who were in need of a more bespoke approach to learning to help them flourish in their exams and achieve their potential.

In the September of that same year I began my teacher training at Deyes with Schools Direct. Being thrown into school life at this stage was definitely the best approach as I immediately became part of the school community and began developing close professional relationships with other members of the faculty. What I found to be the most encouraging part of this experience was that it was so well organised and I received help and support from teaching and support staff from across the whole school and this really helped me to train in a supportive and positive environment.

After six months at Deyes I then went on to complete a placement at Deyes’ sister school Childwall Sports and Science Academy. My transfer to Childwall was perfectly organised and this allowed for a seamless transition between schools. Like at Deyes High, I found that I received support and advice from the whole faculty at Childwall.

After returning to Deyes, I completed my teacher training and was then offered a teaching job in the Science department.

My experience in the schools I have worked in within the Lydiate Learning Trust has been overwhelmingly positive. Staff have been helpful, supportive and have pushed me to try new things to improve my teaching experience. The Trust clearly believes in top to bottom involvement in the process from training to teaching and they do all that they can to help everyone, staff and students, to achieve their potential.

After only a short time with Deyes and after having made it clear I wanted to progress in my career, I was made the Head of Chemistry at Deyes High School.  There I worked hard to improve outcomes and when the Lead Practitioner Science role was advertised I was delighted to be appointed to the post working across all Trust schools.

Tricia Graham

Tricia Graham

I am the Lead Literacy Practitioner and Dyslexic Specialist at Deyes High School.

I run the SWIS Support Work in School qualification which is a knowledge based qualification in which students study units dedicated to: Child and young person development; Safeguarding the welfare of children and young people; communication and professional relationships with children; and equality, diversity and inclusion in work with children and young people.

We, at Deyes High, are the only school in the UK to offer these qualifications. The course has many transferable skills which can be utilised across a variety of occupations. We have done this for 5 years and have put approximately 150 students through these qualifications which has a really positive impact on students’ chances in job interview and university placements.

I have always been encouraged by Senior Management at Deyes High and LLT to continue with my CPD and I have always tried to obtain a new qualification every couple of years and have recently been on a course to become an Irlen Screener which the school funded which will work alongside my Dyslexic specialist which again the school fully supported.

What can we offer you?

  • Learning and development support with your own continuous professional development.
  • A relentless focus on ever increasing your understanding in Teaching and Learning.
  • Opportunities to engage with several networks to further develop yourself as a teacher and as a leader.
  • The opportunity to undertake research into various aspects of teaching and learning and lots more…

We want you to go that extra mile but in return we will do the same to support your own learning journey and career aspirations.

What benefits can Lydiate Learning Trust offer you?

In addition to offering you one of the most rewarding careers ever, we also offer:

  • A competitive salary, which for teachers is aligned to national standard terms and conditions
  • Regular training and development programmes tailored to your very own learning needs.
  • Opportunities for career progression within school and across the Trust should you wish.
  • An open and collaborative working environment where everyone is valued
  • Your very own mentor
  • A detailed induction programme