Message from the Chair, John Graham

Lydiate Learning Trust Members, Directors and Governors are committed to ensuring our Trust continues to provide the highest quality of education. We believe passionately in our mission to “engage with all within our Trust and beyond to enable them to show the world their particular talents, their ideas and their passion”. Through working together with this commitment we believe we are stronger and as we grow our ambition of what we can do grows with us.

I am proud of our staff and students, who are outstanding learners and I am equally proud of the high quality and dedication of our governors who take seriously their responsibilities and ensure we support and challenge our leaders to inspire all their staff and our young people to strive for excellence. We have the very highest of expectations and believe that no matter where you go to school you should receive the very best of what education has to offer. If we believe in a ‘can-do’ culture then we have to provide the framework to allow everyone to be able to ‘do’.

John Graham

Lydiate Learning Trust is a charitable company limited by guarantee. Our primary regulator is the Department for Education and our charitable objects are set out in our articles of association. Please click here. For further information on how LLT is funded by the Education and Skills Funding agency please refer to our Master Funding agreement here. Our formal structures are designed to give robust oversight and management of our academies, without unnecessarily restricting innovation.

Members Board

We have a very able group of members who appoint the Trustees and who oversee the work of the Board of Trustees. Academy trusts do not have shareholders; they have members. The role and rights of members is comparable in certain respects to that of shareholders.

Members of a multi-academy trust do not have rights of ownership in the company like shareholders because the profits of the company cannot be distributed to them. However, the members can control changes in the constitution (subject to DfE approval) and other fundamental decisions relating to the academy trust.

Members also have the right to remove a Director by ordinary resolution (a vote passed by a simple majority of members). Generally, the members of a company limited by guarantee have few obligations other than their obligations towards the company and the other members, as set out in the constitution and other constitutional documents. This reflects the fact that it is the directors of a company that are responsible for its operation. The role of member is likely to therefore be a largely “hands-off role”. LLT currently have 5 Members.

LLT Members

LLT Members AGM Terms of Reference

Board of Trustees

Our Board of Trustees are the guardians of LLT’s purpose and are ultimately accountable for our organisation. Superbly led by our very experienced Chair of the Board of Trustees, John Graham, the Board is comprised of a number of independent volunteers selected for their experience and skills and what they can bring to the development of LLT to enhance school improvement. The Trustees provide strategic direction and ensure the Trust meets its legal obligations both directly and through the audit risk committee. This Board meet monthly and have the support of the Company secretary and Senior clerk. The Trustees are responsible for three main functions—setting the direction and vision, holding the CEO to account and ensuring financial probity.

Our Board, Non-Executive Directors (Trustees) 

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Board of Governors Business Interests

LLT Board Governance Structure

LLT Terms of Reference

LLT Terms of Office

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Minutes of the meetings are available by contacting Deborah Moss, Senior Clerk to Lydiate Learning Trust on Please note that minutes may be redacted where appropriate due to confidential or commercially sensitive matters being reflected.

Attendance Records

LLT People with Significant Control

Full details of Persons with Significant Control of the Trust are registered with Companies House, viewable by clicking the following link:

LLT Scheme of Delegation

Academy Governance Committees

Academy Governance Committees are sub-committees of the LLT board with appointed Governors to whom, the LLT board, delegates responsibilities through the Scheme of Delegation and Terms of Reference. We believe each school and academy should have a local governing group who are passionate about the school and the local community. With this in mind our Headteachers are challenged by the local governing body. Governors are appointed ensuring we have the balance of skills required to oversee the necessary support and challenge required in a modern school. The boards work to a scheme of delegation approved by the Trustees and all of our governors abide by an agreed code of conduct (see below). Parental representation is also important to us and we have retained the parental seats on all of our local governing bodies. We also seek parental advice and views through workshop style groups set up to address matters as and when appropriate. Most schools also operate a school council and in some cases have student governors which feeds the voice of the students right to the centre.

View and download the annual reports by clicking on the documents below.

2019-20 Annual Report & Financial Statements

2018-19 Annual Report & Financial Statements

2017-18 Annual Report & Financial Statements

2016-17 Annual Report & Financial Statements

2015-16 Annual Report & Financial Statements

2014-15 Annual Reports & Financial Statements

Lydiate Learning Trust Gender Pay Gap Report March 2019

Lydiate Learning Trust Gender Pay Gap Report March 2018

Lydiate Learning Trust Gender Pay Gap Report March 2017

Lydiate Learning Trust Executive Pay Year ending 31st August 2020

LLT Public Sector Apprenticeship Target 2019-20

LLT Director & Governor Training Plan 2017-18

Becoming a governor

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