Level 1

Level 1: Effective Mentoring & Coaching

This introductory programme to mentoring and coaching is aimed at new and aspiring coaches and mentors and is designed by NASBTT.

Who is this programme for?

You have, or are aspiring to have, responsibility for supporting at least one member of staff through their career development by providing tailored coaching and mentoring opportunities, structured in-school training opportunities and advice and guidance as part of your day to day role.

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level 2

Level 2: Advanced Coaching & Mentoring

This programme is delivered over three twilight days and is designed to enhance the skills of experienced mentors and coaches.

Who is it for?

This training will enhance your skills as a coach and mentor, preparing you to work with larger groups of colleagues, perhaps as a lead tutor, NQT mentor or senior coach.

If you wish to undertake this training, you will need to be able to evidence significant experience (at least two years) of coaching and mentoring colleagues through their career development

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